Answered By: Kim Reed
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Thanks for asking! It is challenging to find articles about the benefits of divorce, since there is an expansive body of literature documenting the negative impacts. Considering your choice of topic and your instructor's feedback, I'd suggest focusing your search on marital conflict and its effect upon children, as that is the piece you wanted to use to argue in favor of divorce. I ran a number of article searches on your topic using the "Articles" search tab on the library homepage (at and found a number of results that might be useful.

The best article I've found on this so far is "Divorce, Remarriage, and Child Support," which discusses the lessening impact of divorce upon children as it becomes more common. Overall, though, the most successful article search terms I used were "marital conflict and children" or "marital conflict and parenting," as these brought up a number of articles about the damage that can be caused to children whose parents don't get along. For instance:

Look at the upper left of each page for the full-text links to these articles.

I think you may have to acknowledge in your essay that there is a lot of research pointing to the negative impacts upon children, but you can use the articles about the negative impacts of marital conflict to argue that it is no worse than the damage caused by such family conflict.

What do you think? Does that help? Please let us know if there's more we can do to get you rolling on this assignment.