Answered By: Kim Reed
Last Updated: Mar 09, 2018     Views: 1846

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We're so glad you asked! 

Check your email. For most things, you'll get the item you requested within 5 business days. This can vary, though, depending on what you requested, how easy it is to find, and what options are available to get a copy.

Here's the average time frame of what happens when you submit a request before 2pm on a business day (assuming no weekends/holidays). If you submit your request after 2pm, add a day to each step:

  • Immediately: The request system sends us an email alerting us that you need something.
  • Day 1: We review your request and determine how to fulfill it. You'll get an email right back if we have questions, but otherwise we spring into action! If it's something we own and you want to pick it up at the location where it's housed, we'll put it right on hold for you. If it's something we own and you want to pick it up at a different location (or have it mailed to you), we'll package it up and send it on its way. If we don't already have the item, we'll start an order to purchase it for you or borrow it from another library through our interlibrary loan (ILL) service.
  • Day 2: If you requested something we own and asked for it to be sent to another location, you'll probably get an email that it's ready to pick up today at the pickup location you requested. 
  • Day 3: If you requested that a physical item we own be mailed to you, you'll probably receive it today. If you requested an article we didn't have access to, most of them will come through by email around now and we'll forward them to your CWI email address.
  • Day 4: If you requested a book that we ordered, it will probably arrive at the Library this afternoon and go straight to cataloging and processing.  
  • Day 5: Your book order will usually be ready for pickup at the location you requested.

If you don't hear from us by Day 5, that usually means we had to work a little harder to get your item. Maybe it wasn't immediately available or we had to get it from an out-of-state library. It's coming, so hang in there. No news is good news: we'll email you if we can't get it, but as long as you haven't heard anything, we're still working.

If you have questions or just want to check on the status of your request, feel free to contact Danielle for an update at